High Quality Motorcycle Horn In Blue

Basic Information:-

Model NOUB7F001
Warranty6 month
Sound Level105-118dB
Horn Color Black-Red-Blue
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High Quality Motorcycle Horn:-


Product Advantages:-
1) The sound is crisp and explosive and up to 110db.
2) High-quality raw materials with surface treatment technology make the speaker resist the corrosion of acid and alkali. The parts inside the product also uses high-quality materials which ensure the long-life and long-lasting products.
3) A bowl-shaped vessel type with the high-quality pronunciation materials makes the sound last a long time.
4) Loud sound keeps you safe when you are driving.
5) Strong voice–safety warning
Even in the harsh environment, it also can keep loud sound, continuous beep up to 1 minute..
6) Long life and reliable quality
A. high-quality sonorant diaphragm
B. adopt membrane filter technology with waterproof and propulsive gas
C. unique adherent point protection craftwork
D. anti-weather material interference
E. strong anti-corrosion
F. continuous beep up to 1 minute
7) Mini-fashion model, easy to install



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