Company Profile

ManufaManufacturing of Electronic Products:

Hybrid Technics (Pvt) Ltd is an electrical and electronics product designing, manufacturing and after sale service organization which was incorporated in 1984 and is an ISO 9001-2000 certified. It is involved in manufacturing of automotive electronic products like.CDI Capacitor Discharge Ignition Coil (CDI) for motorcycle.Regulator Rectifier Regulates Voltage and charges battery.Voltage Regulator (Cut-outs) for buses and trucks, which charge batteries.Door Switches For cabin lights in cars operated by opening of door.Ignition Coil Ignition coil for generating high voltage for the spark plug in Motorcycle.Winker Flasher Indicate Turning Left or RightACG ACG is used for generating electrical power for battery charging, Head light, Horn and miscellaneous electrical lights in Motorcycle.

Textile & Industrial Sector:

Hybrid Technics provide electrical / electronics repair, installation and automation services to mainly Textile Spinning, Weaving and Garment industry and generally to all type of industries in Pakistan.
Hybrid Technics is the sole official agent in Pakistan for providing electrical /electronic after sales services/ maintenance for following European and Japanese companies who have provided in plant training to Hybrid engineers at their manufacturing sites:Toshiba Schneider Inverter Corp. (Japan) for Variable Speed Drives.
Sulzer Textile (Switzerland)
Sucker-Muller (Germany) With offices in Lahore and Karachi. Hybrid is maintaining the industrial electronics portion of Pakistan all across the country by a team of Electronic Engineers, majority of them have been trained abroad.Hybrid has also helped the industry in Pakistan by designing of automation of production line by using Programmable Logical Controllers (PLC).Hybrid has been installing variable frequency inverters in the industry of various makes from Japan, Europe and China.

Alternate Energy

Hybrid Technics has been assisting Telecommunication companies in designing energy solutions from renewable energy as replacement and to work in parallel with conventional energy systems.We have a team of Engineers for the installation and maintenance of the solar equipment at different sites of the country.
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